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The Release Of WordPress 5.0 With Gutenberg, Brace Yourself For This!

WordPress has now become the most powerful open source content management system in the industry covering 30% of the Internet. And it has been constantly upgraded. With the WP 5.0 coming ahead, one of the biggest updates the WordPress Community has ever seen, what should we do to get ourselves ready for this change?

What is Gutenberg?

For those who are completely strange or just have heard about with the name Gutenberg. Gutenberg is an editor for WordPress which is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who is known for the invention of the movable-type printing press. However, with this striking innovation, Gutenberg is not just a new editor. It’s the start of something much bigger.

Things you should do to make yourself ready for WordPress 5.0

Try out the Gutenberg editor as a front-end experience

Once you update to WordPress 5.0, your post editor automatically updates to Gutenberg. Gutenberg is free, easy and available as a plugin, it can be installed and activated just like any other plugin. However, it’s in unfinished state, so there will be bugs and a lot of remaining plugin compatibility issues. You really should install it on a test site, not a live site!

Backup Your Website

Before installing the Gutenberg editor plugin, remember to create several backups of your website. By this, you have a current version of your website to come back if something go wrong

You’ll have a mix of backup options that complement each other. By doing this, even if your web host’s servers go down, you still have access to your files off-site on cloud storage applications like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Create a staging environment

A staging environment consists of components similar to the production variant that provides the final release – which means the public cannot view it. If you want to experience the Gutenberg editor, it’s is strongly recommended that you host all the changes you have been making on a staging site so that your main website won’t be affected in case of problems

Update Your WordPress Theme, Plugins, and Core Regularly

There may be some incompatibility problems if you do not update your Theme, Plugins and Core frequently. And your website won’t function smoothly. However, you shouldn’t update all the three (theme, plugins, core) at the same time. Your website may freeze or break down.

And the last thing, make sure that you know all the things and information about WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg before deciding to install it.

Final words

Upgrades and changes in technology are indispensable and instead of running away from it or complaining about this change, we should prepare for it. I hope my little advices above can somehow help you in minimizing the problems that come with WordPress 5.0.

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