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With TP Image Optimizer, original images will be compressed as they are being removed all the unnecessary data and converted automatically to the smallest one. Your servers will achieve huge savings for JPG images without losing quality.



Last updated : August 9, 2017


  1. 100% FREE TP Image Optimizer. Now you can optimize your all images and improve the site performance without any fee.
  2. Boost your page loading speed. The visitors tend to abandon websites that have to load more than three seconds. The smaller the image is, the faster the page loads. So optimized images will make your visitors satisfied.
  3. Less bandwidth usage. Compressing your images can save up to 90% bandwidth per image. So the bandwidth usage is more available now.
  4. One-click optimization. Only choose all types of images that you want to optimize at image settings. Then all your images will be automatically optimized with a single click. Easier than ever!
  5. Super optimization. Both advanced lossy and lossless techniques available in TP Image Optimizer. Especially the intelligent lossy compression will create 2x-10x more compression than lossless.
  6. Best JPG compression. All JPG image will be compressed without noticeable quality loss.
  7. Full optimization details. Optimize page you can view a list of optimized image information, the original size or compressed one as well. Plus, view advanced compression stats on the whole optimization process.
  8. Skip reloading the page. All changes will be updated directly to your site with no more step.
  9. No file size limits. There’s no limit to the size of image you can compress. Any size of image can be optimized by setting a maximum width and/or height.
  10. Full support. 24/7/365 support from the best WordPress support team to ensure the best operation of your site.


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