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TP Framework

TP Framework


TP Framework provides theme users with an advanced importer and a library including Taxonomy, Metabox, Customizer, Menu Meta, Widget Fields.


TP Fields provides for developers basic and advanced fields in:
1. Taxonomy custom fields
2. Metabox custom fields
3. Customizer fields
4. Menu Meta fields
5. Widget Fields

With many field types:

  1. textfield & textfield multiple
  2. checkbox & checkbox multiple
  3. radio & radio multiple
  4. select & select multiple
  5. textarea
  6. image_picker
  7. image_select (Image radios)
  8. icon_picker
  9. link
  10. datetime
  11. map
  12. autocomplete (Ajax auto search from post types, taxonomies and … )
  13. repeater
  14. typography
  15. upload (Upload single and multiple file upload with hash)

Detailed document is comming soon but you can require tp-framework/sample/sample.php file in plugin to see the demo.

Besides TP Framework provide theme users a One Click Importer Tool to easily use dummy data with a few available options.
The plugin also provides a manual import by uploading from computer with some popular extensions (XML, JSON, WIE, DAT).
For theme developers, if you want to provide more dummy data options to your users, you can use some available hooks in the plugin. Dummy data files can come from anywhere on the Internet, of course you can push those files to your theme or plugin.