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EPL Map Pro

EPL Map Pro


EPL Map Pro-allows for quick and easy Map addition to your WordPress website

Price is in United States (US) dollar


EPL Map Pro has been developed as an plugin for Easy Property Listings. This allows you to create a beautiful map showcasing hundreds your listings. The plugin also provides many options to change map styles, add place types, change markers style and show listing in an info window in map.

Why EPL Map Pro?

  1. Changeable listing map skin. You can change style for all map of listings with unlimited skins.
  2. Full Customizer. You can now apply an unique style to your maps. This add-on allows you to style your map, customize UI Map Button, and much more.
  3. Flexible Marker. Marker can be changed based on each property type. It can show the details of listings in the map that are in the same position.
  4. Full support. 24/7/365 support from the best WordPress support team to ensure the best operation of your site.