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EPL Advanced Search

EPL Advanced Search


EPL Advanced Search – An Easy Property Listings add-on that helps users find the best property listings with ease

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You want to get acquainted with the most productive solutions for building functional real estate WordPress websites in order to display your listings? Fortunately, there are hundreds of easy-to-use plugins out there that can aid you in setting up a professional WordPress website for the properties of your responsibility. Easy Property Listings is one you need to make your listings better.

To expand its functionality, EPL Advanced Search has been exclusively developed as a plugin for Easy Property Listings to make the search easier. By activating this plugin, advanced search options will be added to the default property search form.

Why EPL Advanced Search?

  1. Full Fields Provided. All necessary fields will be added to your search to help your customers to find their property with ease. On top of that, you can add or remove fields you want by a single click. How simple it is!
  2. Google Map Integration. This is a special feature of this add-on. Once you search location of property you are interested in, it will automatically mark its position on the map.
  3. Autocomplete Search: Helps you find the information that you need faster by using search predictions. Possible results will be displayed on the map based on what you’re typing.