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Full guide to create a WordPress site for photographers

WordPress is a great content management system which is easy to use and extremely flexible. With WordPress, you can build an amazing website with the powerful content management. It allows you to create new pages, add more text, upload images, and videos via the admin panel. Setting up your own site has been easier than you think, especially with WordPress. So in this article, I will show you how to build a WordPress site for photographers without the requirement of knowing programming skills.

Choose a good host


Choosing a web hosting plan is always an important task. Make sure this can support your site needs and not generate unnecessary hurdles. If you don’t have too much experience with hosting, please consider carefully before picking a web hosting.

First of all, getting a reliable hosting provider is very important. For any site owner, the site is the main sources for clients, and you will want to keep it online at all costs. But with the wrong hosting company, you may lose your site. Thus you should avoid thinking to use a free one, especially you are a photographer, not a developer.

Tips for picking the best hosting

To choose a great hosting service, let’s consider the following attributes:

  • Server reliability / Uptime scores. Nothing is more important than a powerful server and stable network connections. And more than 99.5% is recommended uptime score. You can track the web host by using server monitor tools, such as Ping Monitor, HTTP monitor, DNS Server Monitor, etc.
  • Server upgrading options. Most of web hosting service are powerful these days. They can support WordPress blog with about 40,000 monthly unique visitors. But if you want your site to expand in the next two or three years, let’s choose the web host with room to grow.
  • Multiple add-on domains. You may own more than one domain name, so to accommodate extra domain, you need extra hosting space. That’s why the web host should enable you to add more domains.
  • An easy-to-use hosting control panel. It’s not a matter if the hosting control panel is cPanel or third-party control panels, it is user-friendly and comes with many functions. Without good control panel, you may have to cancel your account, which is extremely terrible for your site.
  • Site backup. Backing up your site regularly will save you from hackers. Your hosting provider should be able to restore your site in no time.
  • Great 24/7 support. If you have any trouble with web hosting service, the support from providers will be a good solution.

Good recommendation

For WordPress hosting, BlueHost is highly recommended in terms of good reputation and easy installation. It takes you only a couple of minutes. It is powerful, simple, and affordable with many features, such as 3 shared hosting plans, 24/7 support, money-back guarantee, and much more.   2

Get a lightweight theme


Once finishing the WordPress installation for your site, it’s time for changing the default theme. To do this, visit Appearance > Themes and find your desired theme.

WordPress is a great platform which offers tons of free and premium themes. You may be confused with a lot of WordPress themes, but make sure that your theme is lightweight, responsive, easily customizable, and come with necessary for a photography website. You can find best WordPress themes for photographers here.

Setup your photography portfolio

A portfolio is quite important to show your galleries. With a portfolio website, you can:

  • Build your personal brand. You can make your specialism stand out by positioning yourself as the best in a narrow field.
  • Connect with customers. Your site is exactly the communication hub for all requests and inquiries. Moreover, you can add your social networking profiles to your site.
  • Offer “Buy it now” packages and online bookings. Always keep the customer in mind, so you should make the purchase more convenient for your customers. Add standard packages fit your customers’ needs.
  • Show references. You can show off projects you have done for other clients.

Choose effective plugins

Almost themes contain page builder and nice galleries, but if you choose one which doesn’t include these features, a photography portfolio builder plugin is very useful. In the WordPress directory, you can find lots of plugins which enable you to make your own photography portfolio. Apart from that, you may need plugins which speed up your site or boost the site rankings in search engines.

Here are essential plugins for your photography website:

  • Yoast SEO plugin – optimize your pages’ SEO to get the better content because it will focus on keywords.
  • W3 Total Cache – improve your website’s performance by caching pages and images. This will reduce significantly the download time, speeding up your site.
  • Contact Form 7 – create and manage custom contact forms on your site.
  • Really Simple Captcha – detect spam in the contact form
  • Google Analytics Plugin – include your Google tracking code to manage the website traffic.

Besides, you can add more plugins to expand functionalities for your site. But remember that only integrating your site with necessary plugins, as too many plugins will slow down your website.4

Also, you have to setup menus, pages, and widgets on your site. About us or Contact us page, for example, is very important. On About us page, you can showcase your motivation, development, or the people you have worked for as well. For the Contact us page, you should put some contact information like email address, phone number, etc. to allow your potential customers to get in touch with you easily. You should list your prices here to avoid dealing with clients who don’t have enough budget to work with you. Especially, creating menus and widgets will generate an easy navigation for your customers.

Note: Check your site frequently and update WordPress plugins to avoid old versions and hackers.

Finalize your photography website

When you have already added content, please test the web again. You can send it to your friends, and ask them to check it and search for errors. The carefulness will make your site work well and get more customers.

Have you built your WordPress site for photographers?

Building a  WordPress site for photographers is very easy with WordPress core and a variety of plugins. You just only choose a web host, register domain name, get the theme you want, upload content and get customers.

I hope that this guide is useful for you when creating a photography website. If you found it exciting, please share with your friends. Or if you have any trouble with building a site for photographers, please feel free to share it with the comment below. Thank you for reading!

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