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5 Best Color Palette Generators for Web Designer and Developer

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Have you ever been stressed with color selection for your project? Many websites provide a free, high-quality color palette generator for Web Designer and Developer. So, we have compiled a list of 5 best color palette generators to help you find the perfect color scheme!


URL: https://coolors.co/

Coolors is a fast and easy tool that let you generate beautiful color palettes.

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Just press the spacebar to get a new 5-colors palette. Click on the lock icon to keep the colors you like and repeat the process until you have the perfect colors combination that matches your needs. You can start with a random color or a color of your choice.

Coolors also gives you the ability to upload an image of your choosing and make a color palette based on the colors found in that image. With Coolors, you can export and save the generated color palette as PDF, PNG, SVG, SCSS or COPIC. Moreover, you can also get Coolors app for Android or iOs smartphones, and it also has a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Color CC – official adobe color palette generator

URL: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/

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Adobe Color CC is one of the most popular color palette generator known among designers. This is an official Adobe tool to help you generate a color palette. You can create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the Adobe Color CC community.

There are two options for generating color schemes: Play around with the color wheel and generate color schemes according to the color chosen, or upload an image and let the Adobe Color CC generate one for you. Then, you can save the generated color palette in your Creative Cloud library.


URL: http://paletton.com/

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Formerly known as The Color Scheme Designer, Paletton is one of the most popular color palette generator for picking a color palette that just works without much effort. As you’ll soon see, this popularity is well-earned.

Paletton lets you choose one base color for the layout, and then it displays various similar shades in small boxes that match your selected color. Also, you can then share the color palette by generating a link for it. Fine-tune your palette by choosing “adjacent colors” to your primary color and shades matching them, or a “triad” or “tetrad” option where you can create vision simulations for three to four color schemes.

With this system, it may be tough to pick palettes that don’t conform to traditionalist ideas of color theory. But if you don’t care for the additional level of experimentation, Paletton is perfect.


URL: https://www.materialpalette.com/

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Material Palette is one of my favorites material design color palette generators. Very well designed user interface creates a slick experience. Colors of your choice will be combined into a small design concept and you can edit your selection by choosing different color options.

In Material Palette, to generate a color scheme you have to choose two colors from the tiles shown. If you like your selection, Material Palette tool allows you to download it and implement into your own material design. This tool might be very helpful building apps, web applications or finding the right color for material design elements such as buttons or icons.


URL: http://www.colourco.de/

color palette generator 05

ColourCode is an online designer tool, which allows you to easily and intuitively combine colors.

With ColourCode, you can generate color schemes by clicking and adding the color on the screen browser. Every generated color palette has few options for saving the color as Less, SCSS, PNG, etc.

You can create your own color palettes in different categories like monochrome, monochrome light, analog, triad, quad, complement, etc. through the left menu on your screen. You can download generated color scheme in various languages or types.


Some of the color palette generators in the list above serve a bunch of needs and come with great functionalities. Although the job of deciding a color scheme is an important one, it’s not something you have to do all on your own from scratch. So, I hope these tools will be of help for you in any kind of project.

If I have missed out any of your favorite color palette tools, let me know by commenting below!

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