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10 survival tips for eCommerce websites

In 2016 and for years to come, the eCommerce economy will be expected to continue its rapid growth. This is an exciting and promising opportunity for entrepreneurs. Whether you have launched an eCommerce business or not, now t is time for getting your foot in the door. In only three years from 2010 to 2013, the total retail eCommerce sales in the US increased by 96 billion. And the eCommerce sales made up 9.5% of total US sales. Moreover, the retail eCommerce sales will be predicted to come in $440.4 and $491.5 billion in 2017 and 2018. While the eCommerce economy have been growing significantly, you only gain the good result if you apply the right way. That means you should focus on the following tips for making an eCommerce site successfully.

Responsive design

Swan responsive

Along with the development of technology, using mobile devices is continually growing and boosting the eCommerce sales. By 2017, over one fourth of eCommerce sales will be made via this traffic. So it is incredibly important to own a responsive site which is optimized for mobile and provides the best reading experience for users.

With the responsive design, the website accessibility and usability of your site will be optimized on every device with any screen size and any resolution. And the Episerver CMS is one of the best options for eCommerce sites, this is designed to automatically apply the responsive design. While other CMS platforms require extra configuration to use the responsive design, this one is very easy to use. Whatever platform you use, make sure that you always keep mobile users in mind, from basic navigation to payment.

Improved site search

In fact, more than 30% of visitors to eCommerce sites choose searching method to find things they want to looking for. So make sure that the search functionality is available and easy to use. Especially it is important to use features such as autocomplete to help users to find your products and services related to their searches.

Another way to help them to find products is using faceted search, which allows users to narrow the search in many ways. For example: company, brand, size, price range, manufacturer, so on. With this, the users can easily find what they need.

To make sure that searches return the best results, your product information should be fully defined and well organized. Using good product images with nice description should be focused on.

Use good product images

You will be surprised by the number of companies which don’t show appealing product and service images, it is similar to a no-brainer. Having nice images may be the difference between someone becoming a customer and moving onto another site.

Because customer is shopping online, so images is the only thing which helps them to evaluate your product. So make sure that your site can show high resolution images, along with detailed images from multiple angles. Using good images will reduce product return and bad behaviors from customers.2

Use product description

Apart from product images, the product description is also essential. It have to be interesting, complete and fully engaging. It doesn’t need to be too long like a blog post, but it must be simple and informative. So the visitors can engage to your products. wordpress ecommerce themes

Easy guest checkouts

Most of eCommerce sites will require users to create an account before making a purchase. It will enable the follow-up communication, boosting the future sales and tracking the customer’s’ information to analyze the sales. But not all of your site visitors wants to create account to buy anything. They think that saving their information is not necessary. But some repeat customers want to register to get notifications about upcoming products and sales. In fact, guest checkout is a good idea to provide a nice option to make one-time order. To do this, you should design the exciting purchase process to encourage users to complete the guest checkout and then allow them to create an account with the information they just entered.

Strong security

Almost eCommerce sites support SSL to encrypt information to ensure the security. It is good for not only credit card and payment information, but also personal information such as address, phone number, etc. Of course all customers expect that their information will be secure during the online purchase. Additionally, the security have to meet PCI compliance for any business which needs credit card payments.

Remember that don’t store credit card numbers in the database. Although it makes the purchases easier for customers but it may be a huge risk, and if your database is hacked, you will be liable for this loss.

Optimized site performance

The speed of your site is another important element which you should focus on. In fact the slower your site is, the bigger the risk of losing customers is. According to statistics, over 40% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Especially for mobile users, they have to be multi-tasking. With a slow site, they will be more likely to move onto other site immediately.

To keep customers engaging to your site, make sure that your site can run as quickly as possible. And here are some ways which can help you to boost the speed of site.

  • Add both Javascript and CSS resource files into single files. By this way, you can reduce the speed of interacting with the site, as your visitors only have to download one file rather than three or five.
  • Choose the best themes for your eCommerce site. Many themes include too much plugins or features which are not necessary for your eCommerce business. Especially they will take more your site’s storage, slowing down your site as well. If you are confused with tons of themes for eCommerce, we have listed top WordPress themes for eCommerce to help you pick the best one easier.
  • Optimizing images is an important task for any site to speed up your site. Compressing all images on your site will provide the best visuals and reduce download time.
  • Use caching to reduce the time for sending data from the web server to database server. You can choose caching plugins to do this, for example, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc.

Final thought

Your website is the face of your business, so running a successful eCommerce site will take more efforts. But with these tips, we hope that you can run a successful online store easily and boost your sales and conversion rates as well.

If you have any trouble in building an eCommerce site, or have any nice tips to optimize the site, please share with us in the comment below. Thank you for reading!


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