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Our WordPress theme collection comes with outstanding features which include many free themes and premium themes. Check out some of our free WordPress themes now!

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We also have many free and awesome plugins. View our amazing plugin collection now!

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Tons of ready-made HTML templates are available for free at ThemesPond. Modify your template or simply add content with these HTML codes with ease.

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ThemeSpond has free PSD Templates for a variety of elegant ideas will help you to craft an eye-catching website.

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Video Tutorials

Apart from documentation attached to every products, we offer many WordPress training videos to help you learn how to master WordPress.

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Everything is already made for you, even a dedicated documentation. This makes it easy for you to deploy your website and keep them up to date.

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Full support with best companions. We concern your site as much as you do, so if you have any questions, contact us via live chat, or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The faster the problem solving is, the better your site operation is.
So all popular questions about ThemesPond product will be answered right here. Explore now!

Why should you be a ThemesPond member?

As a ThemesPond member, you can get many benefits. All latest updates constantly ping you; you only need to enjoy the amazing features they deliver. Even all WordPress supports are available, not just your own products.

What makes ThemesPond stand out from other sites?

ThemesPond offers the best service with the best products. Our WordPress themes, templates and plugins are always at the top quality. The membership pricing is also at a very reasonable price and offers many great benefits comparing with other theme selling websites.

Can I have a trial version before buying the theme?

Sadly no, our themes don’t have a trial version. However, many ThemesPond’s themes offer the demo version, so you can have a full preview of the theme and see if they meet your need.

What are the methods of payment on ThemesPond

There are currently two methods of payment on ThemesPond. You can either complete your payment through Visa card or PayPal.

Can I return the theme which I purchased?

Not completely satisfied? We commit refunding on any themes you buy within 30 days of utilizing them. There are no difficulties in returning product.

Membership Pricing

Join ThemesPond to gain years of experience in WordPress and access to an unlimited collection of themes, templates and plugins.

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