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Create Mobile Ready Menu: In-depth Guide for Beginners

by Sarah Schaff / 08 December 2016

Optimizing the user experience is always the main task for any site, from blogging sites to eCommerce sites. In addition, now the responsiveness is gradually an essential element to improve the site performance. The number of mobile users, moreover, has already surpassed desktop users for many websites. One of the important elements which you should notice is […]

Design Trend for Ecommerce Sites 2017

by Sarah Schaff / 03 December 2016

Among many ways to build a successful eCommerce website, design is always an important element to draw the site visitors’ attention at the first time, as well as optimize user experience. Along with the development of technology, websites tend to be mobilized. Thus, designers have to have the mobile design in mind, which allows all websites […]

Full guide to create a WordPress site for

by Paul N. Lerner / 01 December 2016

WordPress is a great content management system which is easy to use and extremely flexible. With WordPress, you can build an amazing website with the powerful content management. It allows you to create new pages, add more text, upload images and videos via the admin panel. Setting up your own site has been easier than […]

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Must I pay any fee for the latest version of my purchased theme?

user_testimonial_1I always enjoy #themespond’s products since they are automatically updated with new versions without extra fee.

Zereme – Graphic designer

Are Themespond’s products responsive for tablets or mobiles ?

james-briggsAll of themes from #Themespond are responsive designs. Thanks to them, now I can update my site with my cellphone.

James Briggs – Photographer

Can I return the theme which I purchased ?

timothy-grayThanks to #Themespond #30DayMoneyBack feature, there’s no difficulties in returning product. Incredible!

Timothy Gray – Graphic designer

Can I have a trial version before deciding to buy the theme ?

anna-akanaI tried some of their themes. It’s really helpful since I can have a fully view WordPress back-end admin and see if the theme meets my need. It’s worth to try.

Anna akana – Food Blogger

Do I get any support when purchasing themes ?

benjamin-hooverI really appreciate the documentation and the efforts taken on this theme. It is really very handy and easy to understand.

Benjamin Hoover – Fashion Shopkeeper

I tried some of their themes. It’s really helpful since I can have a full view of WordPress back-end admin and see if the theme meets my need. It’s worth to try.


Christian Bates

Food Blogger